Association Liability Insurance / Not For Profit Insurance

What you need to know


What is Association Liability Insurance / Not For Profit Insurance?
Association Liability Insurance provides not for profit organisations with protection against legal liability incurred through the conduct of activities or the provision of services.


Who needs this Association Liability Insurance / Not For Profit Insurance?
Just because a non-profit organisation doesn’t have shareholders and is charitable in nature doesn’t mean it will not be exposed to a lawsuit. The risks are similar to those of a for-profit company.

The majority of lawsuits against non-profit boards are filed by current and former employees, alleging wrongful employment practices. Lawsuits may also come from third parties, such as the entity (the non-profit may bring action against its directors and officers), directors (a non-profit director suing another board member), beneficiaries (the people you are in business to help), donors (a non-profit's contributors) and government officials.

The Winley Insurance Group solution
Not for profit organisations operate in a broad range of areas, including healthcare, humanitarian aid, environmental and animal protection, community service organisations, early childhood education, culture, recreation and social clubs, research, international organisations, religion, philanthropic and advocacy services, business and professional associations and sporting organisations. Finding the right types of insurance and level of cover appropriate for your non-profit can be a daunting task.


At Winley Insurance Group, we work to find your best not for profit insurance solutions. We can insure your place of business, your assets, your revenue, your employees and public liability exposures as well as provide special event insurance.


We offer a professional liability package specifically designed for charities and non-profit organisations. The Association Liability Insurance / Not For Profit Insurance policy incorporates the following covers:

  • Professional indemnity
  • Trustee liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Fidelity guarantee

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If you’re not sure which types of insurance are essential or the level of cover needed, Winley Insurance Group can help! Contact us at 1300 732 205 or begin our Association Liability Insurance / Not For Profit Insurance quote process now. Winley Insurance Brokers provide Association Liability Insurance throughout all of Australia.