Insurance is anything but new. It’s old, traditional, some might even say dull. Until Winley that is. We’re innovative, modern, on the move and ready to revolutionise insurance – in Australia and beyond. Why Winley Insurance Group? Because insurance should be about more than products and policies. It should be about you – and about building bridges to help you rise above risk and proceed safely through business and life. Count on Winley to keep you ahead of the curve.


Business Insurance: Grow your small or mid-sized business confidently with the right cover – and the right price.
Corporate Insurance: Discover how Winley can help your corporation manage risk effectively.
Professional Insurance: Professional indemnity insurance helps protect against errors and omissions while providing professional services. Let Winley help protect you in an increasingly litigious culture.
Trade Insurance: While you get the job done right, Winley will make sure your tools, property and employees are protected.
Groups & Associations: Secure group insurance discounts and attractive rates for your members.
Personal Insurance: Live boldly and safely with Winley as your partner! Home, car, boat, motorcycle, travel & more.